Message from Brother Padmananda

May 18, 2022

Dear Friends of San Diego Temple,

The installation of the fence and gates around much of the San Diego Temple grounds should be finished this week. I’d like to share some background about this project, and also reassure all of you that access to the grounds and Temple will be virtually the same as before.

When I was appointed Minister-in-Charge of the Temple and heard about the proposed fence, I didn’t like the idea. It would very obviously change the character of a property that had such an openness to it.

Then I started hearing the stories of people trying to spend the night on the grounds, leaving trash and waste behind. There have also been incidents of vandalism over the years, and mentally disturbed people that have threatened the caretaker or other devotees. A few weeks ago someone started a fire next to one of the buildings, probably to stay warm at night. These types of incidents were always a concern, but have become more common in recent years because of an increase in the homeless population in the area.

Protecting and keeping pure this beautiful property that our guru so much loved is a sacred trust. We also want to keep safe all those who come to bathe in the uplifting vibrations of the grounds and Temple. All the other SRF properties that our guru established had fences put up many years ago; it’s now time to do the same at the San Diego Temple.

Our plan is to keep the parking lot gate and the people-access gate(s) on First Avenue open from 7 a.m. to sunset every day, so you can all enjoy access to the grounds just as before. The gates will also remain open during services in the evening. The gate at the lower part of the property, leading to the neighboring Sports Club, will always remain locked except during services. All volunteers who need access to the Temple during hours when the gates are closed will be given a code to open the parking lot gate.

Thank you all for your understanding and for your support of this project. The current fundraising appeal is meant in part to help pay for the fence, along with other much-needed upgrades.  Your contributions are most helpful.

In Guruji’s Light,
Bro. Padmananda