Letter from Brother Padmananda

July 27, 2021

Dear Members and Friends of San Diego Temple,

We are delighted to announce that Self-Realization Fellowship San Diego Temple will be resuming Sunday morning services outdoors, beginning on August 1st in the gardens near the stage. For now we will be holding only one service, at 11 a.m. This first service will have a guided meditation along with a short talk on the core of Master’s teachings, meditation plus love.  The change from indoor to outdoor services was made just this week because of the recent surge in Covid-19 cases, and after getting input from many of the Temple members. We want to protect all of you and our volunteers, so have adjusted the plan accordingly.

The exception to our regular schedule will be August 8, 2021, when services are cancelled so that we may all enjoy Brother Chidananda’s opening talk of 2021’s Online Convocation. Originally this was going to be shown in the Temple, now we encourage you to watch this at home. https://convocation.yogananda.org.

In preparation for in-person services, the following changes have been implemented with your well-being in mind:

•    Seating rearranged for more space between chairs on outdoor patios and grassy areas
•    Upper patio will have 6’ spacing for those who prefer social distancing
•    Additional outdoor speakers have been installed in outdoor seating areas
•    Two outdoor areas are designated for families with young children
•    The bookroom will remain closed
•    Sunday School services will not be held

Since we’re meeting outdoors, masks will not be required under current County guidelines. Some may choose to wear masks out of extra caution.

Please keep in mind that guidelines for masking may change at any time depending on San Diego County’s determination of what is required during the pandemic.  For up-to date requirements, please refer to our website:  www.sandiegotemple.org.

We understand many of you love coming to the Temple grounds to meditate and to partake of the vibration that Master has blessed us with at the San Diego Temple.  You are now welcome to come to the grounds any time during daylight hours, even though the sign says that hours are 9 – 5. If you want to come to meditate before or after work, you are very welcome to do that.

Once all goes smoothly with Sunday services, meditations and Thursday Inspirational Services will once again resume.  Dates are to be determined.

Feel free to consult the FAQ’s on our website for more information, or submit questions under “Contact Us”.  

Thank you for your support of necessary changes that allow us to once again meet in person. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

In divine friendship,

Brother Padmananda
San Diego Temple Minister-in-Charge