Message from Brother Padmananda

February 1, 2023

Dear San Diego Temple members,

As we move ahead into the New Year, let’s appreciate together what we have in the teachings of our Guru. Where else can one find such a balanced combination of scientific methods of meditation plus divine love? Our divine Guru was a master of both; he could enter the highest states of meditation at will and become absorbed in ecstatic communion through his deep love for God.

He wants the same for us. Every one of us is capable of going deeply into meditation through the practice of the sadhana our guru has given us, if we apply ourselves; and every one of us is capable of cultivating an ever deeper love for God.

Let us all find ways to deepen in our life both sides of this divine equation, meditation plus love. If we’re not sure how, we can ask. Devotees often forget to ask God and Guru for help, or to ask them for guidance in how to proceed and to deepen their practice.

A good habit is to ask for divine help whenever we want to change or to go deeper in some aspect of the spiritual life. Ask God and Guru: “How do I do this? How do I develop this certain quality?” When we pray in this way, opportunities to learn and grow seem to come to us, in answer to our prayer. 

Sri Daya Mata, whose birth anniversary we celebrated on Jan 31st, was such an exemplar of these two sides of our Guru’s teachings, meditation and love. She once expressed very well how deep meditation combined with a loving relationship with God can transform us:

“When by meditation you secure your being in a loving relationship with the One who has watched over you always, the dualities of this world will no longer intimidate you. You will realize that a divine hand is guiding you, and an infinite tenderness shelters you at every moment.”

Wishing you all the ability to go ever deeper in meditation, and an ever deeper relationship with the One who has watched over you always.

Jai Guru,

Brother Padmananda