Fundraiser for Temple Repairs!

Fundraiser for Temple Repairs!

Did you know that San Diego Temple was originally built in 1909? It was the third location that Paramahansa Yogananda founded, opening as a Self-Realization Fellowship Temple in 1943. Paramahansaji was personally involved in its early renovations and conducted services here for many years. It is vital to perform ongoing restoration and upgrades to keep these beautiful buildings and grounds in pristine condition.  Master has left this temple in our care and we will do our best to honor his legacy!

You are invited to take part in this preservation by donating toward our Temple Projects in the areas of Security, Irrigation and Restroom Remodeling. Since security for members and visitors is so important, one of our most significant additions will be to create and install an aesthetically pleasing wrought-iron fence on the temple grounds facing First Avenue.

There are several options for donating to these projects:

  • Scan the QR code on the Fundraiser card.  These are in the Temple chair pockets, on the “Our Goal” sign and at the information table
  •  Use the special envelopes in the temple chair pockets and place your envelope in the Sunday service donation baskets
  •  Place your donation in the cabinet-slot at the back of the temple
  • The bookroom on-site can also accept your donations
  • Or just donate right now while you’re reading this!  Click on the donate button below.

Our goal is substantial and as the project move forward, we will keep you informed of our progress. All donations go into the Building Fund; any excess donations will be used to help maintain San Diego Temple. Any amount you are able to give is deeply appreciated.

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