Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 7/27/2021

Questions Regarding Health and Safety During the Pandemic

A: Masks are required while indoors for those who are unvaccinated.  Masks are optional for those who have been fully vaccinated. Following SD County guidelines, masks are not required while outdoors.

A:  No.  No questions will be asked about vaccination status, but we do ask that masking requirements be respected.

A: Yes, several hand sanitizer stations will be available, and masks as well if you’ve forgotten yours.

A:  Chanting will not be done for now, however we will be praying together.

A:  Please sit where you are most comfortable. 

Questions Regarding What’s Available at the Temple

A:  Not at this time.

A: The date is not known at this time. Opening guidance will come from Mother Center Youth Services and published as soon as it is known.

A: Yes. For families with young children, two areas have been designated as “Family Seating” on the grounds.

A:  Yes, informative materials and volunteers to answer your questions will be available as always.

A:  Not at this time.  Sunday, Tuesday and Friday meditations will resume at a later date.

Yes. All weekday in-person meditations are not being held at this time. However, the Online Meditation Center is a wonderful resource for joining live group online meditations. See for the calendar. In addition, several San Diego devotees meditate together via Zoom on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 6:40 for Energization Exercises and a 7:00 – 9:00 a.m. meditation. If you’d like to join, just email for the Zoom link.