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“The way to freedom is through service to others. The way to happiness is through meditation and being in tune with God…Break the barriers of your ego; shed selfishness; free yourself from the consciousness of the body; forget yourself; do away with this prison house of incarnations; melt your heart in all, be one with all creation.”

~ Paramahansa Yogananda, SRF Lessons

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San Diego Temple July Newsletter 


A Message From San Diego Temple Minister:

Dear Friends,

As we continue to practice our Guru’s teachings of loving and serving God – at a physical distance, rather than coming together at the temple — the love and support, caring and divine friendship amongst us can still be tangibly felt.

It is inspiring to know that so many of you continue to join the online meditations, study groups, and services on a daily and weekly basis, so that we feel a tremendous spiritual bond that nothing in this material world can take away or diminish.  By this spiritual effort to meditate regularly and deeply we are more and more expanding our relationship and attunement with the guru.  This is especially significant as we celebrate Guru Purnima on July 5, a day dedicated to the guru, when disciples and students express their reverence and gratitude to their gurus and teachers.

Paramahansa Yogananda, said:

It is not necessary for a disciple to be in the company of the guru in order to receive his blessings. What is most important is to be spiritually in tune with the guru, for his help is transferred to the disciple primarily on the inner spiritual plane rather than through material means. If the disciple is uncarping, unconditionally reverential and loving to the master, and faithful in following his precepts, his receptivity makes the task of the guru easier. Attunement links the help of the guru with the sincere striving of the disciple, even if the guru is no longer incarnate on earth. My guru, Sri Yukteswarji, wrote: “To keep company with the Guru is not only to be in his physical presence (as this is sometimes impossible), but mainly means to keep him in our hearts and to be one with him in principle and to attune ourselves with him….by keeping his appearance and attributes fully in mind, and by reflecting on the same and affectionately following his instructions, lamblike.” 

So, as we continue to come together in spirit in our daily meditations and prayers, let us keep the Guru “in our hearts and to be one with him in principle and to attune ourselves with him.”  Let us also remember to continue to pray for those who have asked for prayers and for all those in need – in body, mind, and soul — in addition to sending out love and light for a better world, striving for greater harmony, understanding, peace, and brotherhood.

I also want to thank you for your continued financial support to San Diego Temple to help with the ongoing operational expenses that are required even during this temporary time when the temple is closed.  Your spiritual and material support are deeply appreciated.

May God and Guru ever bless, guide, and protect each of you and your loved ones.

In divine friendship,

Brother Nakulananda

This month in homes across the United States, families and friends will celebrate the fourth of July, unlike any other time in history to mark our country’s freedom. In Self-Realization Fellowship, on July 4th, we honor the birthday of Sri Gyanamata, one of Paramahansa Yogananda’s first and most devoted disciples whose writings, counsel to younger devotees, prayers, and spiritual heart-felt correspondence with Paramahansa Yogananda is highlighted in her book God Alone.

She writes, “I have come to measure spiritual advancement, not alone by the light that surrounds one when one meditates or by the visions he has of saints, but by what he is able to endure in the hard, cold light of day. Christ’s greatness was not only that he could go into meditation and gloriously realize his oneness with the Father, his absolute identity, but also that he could endure. ~ Sri Gyanamata

Enduring and progressing on our spiritual path comes through meditation, study of the SRF Lessons and uplifting each other through prayer and spiritual support. Through the SRF online Meditation Center each person comes closer to the heart of our teachings…feeling God’s presence in our daily lives.

We will commemorate Mahavatar Babaji in our homes on Saturday, July 25th. This great avatar taught Kriya Yoga to Lahiri Mahasaya in 1861, and thereby restored to the world the spiritual science that had been lost for centuries.  You are invited to join a Monastic-led three-hour meditation on that day at https://srfonlinemeditation.org/calendar/.

In the Aims and Ideals of Self-Realization Fellowship, as set forth by Paramahansa Yogananada, our founder wrote:

~To encourage “plain living and high thinking”; and to spread a spirit of brotherhood among all peoples by teaching the eternal basis of their unity: kinship with God.

Many San Diego Temples devotees were perfect examples of the AIMS and Ideals – in action- by commemorating the International Day of Yoga on Saturday, June 20th at 7pm through Sunday, June 21st at 7pm. The evening began with thousands of meditators joining online for a 24 hour meditation with a warm greeting and the first hour of meditation being led by Brother Chidananda, President of SRF/YSS in the chapel at the Mother Center, in Los Angeles. He reminded us that it was in this very chapel that our spiritual teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda communed with God on several occasions, and that we too could feel God’s embrace during this sacred time together. The monks from the Yogoda Satsanga Society in India led the first 12 hours, with prayers, chanting, inspirational readings and deep meditation. We also joined together to practice the Energization Exercises to keep us ‘awake and ready”. The next 12 hours of meditation were led by nuns and monks at various SRF Temples in the United States which was for many so comforting to see the pictures of our beloved spiritual teachers on the altars and feel their presence, as if we were there, in a personal way.

We continue to persevere by commemorating Paramahansa Yogananda’s 100th Anniversary of his arrival in the USA, by being given the sacred opportunity to join together again-virtually-at the first fully online 2020 World Convocation from August 9th-15th, offered free of charge. What a joy for thousands of devotees to gather together as Paramahansa Yogananda wrote in his Autobiography of a Yogi, “scattered like shining jewels over the earth” and to be a part of his large spiritual family, once again.

During these summer months, may we continue to follow the Aims and Ideals of our path and “spread a spirit of brotherhood among all peoples by teaching the eternal basis of their unity: kinship with God.”

San Diego Temple