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San Diego Temple Newsletter for April 2020

“Although life seems capricious, uncertain, and full of all kinds of troubles, still we are always under the guiding, loving protection of God.”

~ Paramahansa Yogananda

“Where There is Light: Insight and Inspiration for Meeting Life’s Challenges”


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April 2020 Newsletter

The following is a message from San Diego Temple’s new Minister-in-Charge, Brother Nakulananda.

Dear friends,

During these challenging times when we are not able to come together physically for group meditations, services, and special events, I would encourage all of us to join together spiritually in our private meditations and also to participate in the online meditations at srfonlinemeditation.org.  These online group meditations are very powerful, connecting devotees all around the world in the spirit and divine consciousness of God and Gurus.

During this time in which we have had to cancel Sunday services in our Temples, Centers, and Groups, weekly inspirational services will be posted on the SRF website, yogananda.org.  These services will be posted for an entire week and then replaced with a new talk the following week.

As we enter into Easter season, I would like to share some words of inspiration from Sri Daya Mata that she wrote many years ago in one of her Easter letters:

During the holy season of Easter we rejoice in the Resurrection and its promise of a new life filled with the glory of God: a perfect and eternal existence.  To rise from mortal thought with all its sorrows and limitations into the Christ Consciousness of universality, completeness, and boundless joy should be the goal of every child of God.  Beloved Jesus demonstrated the miracle of physical resurrection; but greater than this was his life-example of resurrection from the imprisoning tomb of body consciousness: he lived each day in divine intimacy with God.  The real resurrection is from the tomb of spiritual ignorance – to be able to realize in truth, like Jesus: “I and my Father are One.”

May the inner resurrection begin from this moment.  Resisting every force that would pull us toward the imperfections that limit us to material considerations, let us manifest from within our souls the qualities that reunite us with God’s divine consciousness.  By right meditation as our Guru taught, and by right activity, may we learn to live with the presence of Christ ever awake in our consciousness.

May these beautiful and uplifting words of Daya Mataji inspire each one of us, especially during these trying and challenging times, to live more in inner communion with God, Christ, and Gurus, and to exemplify in our daily lives those essential qualities of caring, forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love for God and for one another.  Also, let us remember the importance of participating in the Worldwide Prayer Circle, wherein we can offer our prayers daily for the physical, mental, and spiritual welfare of all our brothers and sisters, and to prayer for greater peace and harmony in the world.

Finally, take to heart the inspiration of our beloved Guru in the following:

Heed the voice of Love within.  Live love; practice it within and without; wherever you go, give love and understanding.  Become like a flower whose fragrance overpowers the noxious vapors of jealousy, fear and anger.  Spread the fragrance of divine love and friendship to all with whom you come in contact.  Those who refine their spiritual sensitiveness will feel the awakening of universal Christ Consciousness in their expanding love.

As we hold steadfast to the wisdom and love of our beloved Guru, we will get through these troubling times much stronger and receptive instruments of God and Guru.  Until we are able to come together physically at the temple receive my divine friendship.

— Brother Nakulananda

 Lastly, as we do our part with social distancing, the Temple will remain closed through April.

~ The San Diego Temple