Take a little time and drop by our Volunteer Center today. Let us share the benefits of serving at the temple – or let us meet and greet you! We have openings for Kriyabans for the Information Table and Greeter areas. Stop by and find out if either of these opportunities are a fit for you.


TSD (OCT 12)
Everyone is welcome to join in on Saturday, October 12th for the Morning of Temple Service. New to San Diego Temple? This is a great way to meet other devotees in an atmosphere of divine fellowship and service. Activities start at 9:00 AM followed at Noon by meditation, ending with a delicious vegetarian buffet at 12:30 PM. Many devotees find serving in this capacity satisfying and easy to fit into their busy schedules. Feel free to drop by and check it out.


If you have questions regarding the SRF teachings, applying them in daily life, or related topics, submit your questions online by going to our website’s Activities page then scroll down to Satsanga or, place them in the container at the back of the chapel. They will be answered at the Thursday Inspirational Service on October 17th.


Our Book and Gift room offers a full selection of all SRF books, recordings and other publications. In addition, browse through our delightful selection of Indian gifts and devotional items. You are invited to stop by after the service.


Thank you for being a part of our Service. For questions and general information please visit our Information Center; they will be happy to meet with you and answer your questions. Please consult our website for information on all temple activities.