Youth Programs​

The purpose of our programs is to inspire the youth to seek God and love Him above all else, and to share His love with all; to teach the youth how to live happy balanced lives, how to bring God into their daily lives, and how to develop a personal relationship with Him through the practice of regular meditation.

While the Temple is closed, visit the SRF Mother Center’s website for youth resources:


Students are encouraged to participate in group practice of the SRF Energization Exercises, chanting, and brief periods of meditation. In addition, a “How-to-Live” lesson based on the teachings of Self-Realization Fellowship is an integral part of each class. The lesson is supported by a an activity, such as craft, play acting, story telling, guided discussion.

Sunday School Program

(ages 3 to 12)

Classes are conducted during the 11 am Sunday service. Parents and children are asked to first “check in” at the Attendance Table before the students go to their classrooms (students may enter their class any time between 10:45 and 11 am, but no later than 11 am):

  • 10:45 am to 11 am: Teachers conduct pre-service activities
  • 11:00 am to noon: Teachers lead exercises, chanting, meditation, & present “How-to-Live” lesson / activity  
  • Parents are asked to please pick up their children by noon, or immediately after the service ends.

Teen Program

(ages 13 to 18)

Classes are conducted during the 11 am Sunday service and generally rotates with either a How-to-Live Class, a Pearls of Wisdom Session, or a Kirtan Session.

REGISTRATION is open to all:

Just fill out a registration form at the the Attendance Table on the center patio (west of parking lot) on any Sunday morning between 10:40 to 11 am. For more information, please contact the Youth Committee Chair by leaving a message on our voice mail (619-295-0170).