San Diego Temple remains closed at this time, however our grounds are open from 9am to 5pm daily for individual meditation. Please see our calendar for SRF Online Meditations or click here for weekly lecture services online.

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Welcome to San Diego’s Hidden Gem

“To commune daily with God in deep meditation, and to carry His love and guidance with you into all your dutiful activities, is the way that leads to permanent peace and happiness.”
– Paramahansa Yogananda

What is Self-Realization Fellowship?

SRF is a worldwide religious organization, founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda to make available the universal teachings of Kriya Yoga – a sacred spiritual science which originated in ancient India. Lecture Services held on Sundays and Thursdays at San Diego Temple offer a good introduction to the SRF teachings.

Who is Paramahansa Yogananda?

Swami Yogananda was born Mukunda Lal Ghosh in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. According to his younger brother Sananda, young Mukunda’s awareness and experience of the spiritual was far beyond the ordinary, even from his earliest years.

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San Diego Temple has temporarily cancelled all in-person activities.

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“Hold on to love, truth, meditation and service.  Think of nothing but the light, and the gloom of ignorance shall disappear.  The power of truth has been proved to you.  Hold on with faith everlasting in the teacher, and the teaching, and God.  You shall see the Goal, for lo! it is there, right before you”.  ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Announcement

UPDATED!! Message from Self-Realization Fellowship regarding Coronavirus

  March 12, 2020   Important Announcement COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update for SRF San Diego Temple   Dear Friend, We...

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“Everything else can wait, but our search for God cannot wait.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda